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Welcome to the Knowledge Center. The Knowledge Center is your portal to information about the latest tools and technologies that is relevant to you. We work hard to deliver information relevant to your business, and we make it simple to understand by stripping out the technical details and focusing on the business value of these technologies.

Canada Antispam Law - What you need to know

The wide sweeping mandate for the new Canadian anti-spam legislation (CASL) affects all businesses and organizations starting July 1st, 2014 and by July 1st, 2017 implied consent will no longer be applicable as well. Anyone can report your organization to regulators by simply filing a complaint online at . Potential monetary fines for violating CASL go from $1 million per violation for individuals up to $10 million per violation for corporations.

The Digital Nonprofit - Increase your impact with Technology Part 1

On May 9 we helped sponsor the Net2Van’s annual conference, the Digital Nonprofit. The purpose of the Digital Nonprofit conference was to help...

#CommBuild Chat: Storytelling to build your community

Your nonprofit’s story can be your most valuable asset. It can help you inspire action and create change. I recently moderated a live twitter conversation on how you can use story telling to build your community with #Commbuild and wanted to share some of the key insights.

Nonprofit Story telling - 7 digital story telling tools for nonprofits

A well told story can help you build that relationship necessary to inspire action for your cause. Here are 7 free tools to help nonprofits spread their stories.

8 Tips for Community Managers - Time management, community building and story telling

8 Tips for Nonprofit Community Managers on time management, relationship building and story telling.

Learn how to use Google’s Analytics for your nonprofit for free

Google is offering free online community-based video courses about digital analytics and Google analytics at their Analytics Academy. It is open registration with the first class being delivered on Tuesday, October 8, 2013. They will be delivered online over the course of three weeks

Nonprofit Fundraising 101- Surrey Tech 4 good

The basics of fundraising for nonoprofits who are planning their first or a more comprehensive Fall Campaign. It presents the basics on how to; refine your impact message, identify your targets, define your approach and create an end of year contributors' plan. My key takeaways from the Tech 4 good fundraising workshop with Melanie Crombie.

3 Reasons to Invest in Web Analytics for your Nonprofit

A current study by Avectra found that 47% of those surveyed learned about nonprofit causes through social media or online channels. Your nonprofit website is one of your most important online portals to pay attention to. A well thought out and effective website design is vital to your online success.

Video: Non Profit Marketing - How you should be posting content on Facebook

Need help when it comes to managing your facebook page for your nonprofit ? John Haydon the Nonprofit Facebook guy provides a video tutorial of his 5 step process he recommends for nonprofits.

Video: What Young Donors Want From Mobile Devices - Online Fundraising

Nonprofit organizations that want to engage people in their 20s and early 30s to volunteer and donate should take note that the younger generation are looking for websites optimized for their user experience. Three-quarters of young donors in a recent survey said that their biggest frustration with a nonprofits website is that it isn't designed with a smartphone or tablet in mind. Here is a video interview of younger donors reactions to nonprofit websites by Achieve who video recorded the feedback from younger donors.

8 Non-profit Storytelling Rules - The Art of Finding Your Story

Stories have always been a part of human existence as a part of all societies and cultures. Well told stories have the unique power to inspire feeling, connection and action among us. However nonprofits face several common challenges when it comes to video story telling such as budget and staffing. With that in mind, todays tools and technology can allow organizations to produce highly effective video for surprisingly little money.

State of Charities Across the Country- Imagine Canada Sector Monitor Report

Imagine Canada just released their latest sector monitor which provides useful information on the challenges for the nonprofit sector currently.

Five Parts to a Nonprofit Video: Marketing for Nonprofits

A how to guide for nonprofits interested in creating video about their organization and cause. These are the five essential parts to a nonprofit video and making your audience the hero of your cause by Allanah at Lionhead Studios.

3 Reasons Nonprofits Should be Using Video

There is a clear understanding of the importance of using video to reach constituents and key audiences. Based on research by eMarketer 76% of internet users will be viewing video on a regular basis by 2015. Cisco Visual Networking Index estimates that it would take an individual 5 million years to watch all the video that crosses the global IP networks each month in 2017. Here are 3 Reasons Nonprofits Should be Using Video.

Content Marketing for Non-profits

Thought I’d share my key take aways from the workshop on content marketing for nonprofits with Vanessa Chase at Net Tuesday.

Social media for nonprofits : How Social Media Motivates Action And Drives Support For Causes

Does Social Media lead to more than a Facebook like ? Based on a new quantitative study on social media for those who are digitally active cause oriented individuals that 68% donate money, 52% donate personal items or food, 43% attend or participate in an event and 53% volunteer.

Google Grants Alert: Nonprofits must renew their grants

Canadian not-for-profits will need to resubmit their documentation if you have been a part of the program for more than 6 months. Previously if you were a part of the Google Grants program it would automatically renew. The purpose of this update is to ensure that only qualified non-profits with charitable status have access to the Google Grants program. Going forward this new policy will be an annual process.

Non-profit Executives should be on Social Media

Is your Executive director on Social Media? Based on BRANDFog 2012 CEO Social Media and Leadership survey , it determined that 82% of survey...

The rise of mobile technology: How it’s affecting nonprofit organizations

The rise of mobile technology: How it’s affecting nonprofit organizations If mobility isn’t on your radar maybe these statistics will help change...

Google Grants NetTuesday

What would you do if you had $10,000 for Google Adwords? I recently attended a Net Tuesday workshop focus specifically on Google Grants requirements,...

Vote Now for the doGooder Non Profit Video Awards

Voting Starts Today for the doGooder Nonprofit Video Awards. The doGooder Video Awards highlight the innovative ways that nonprofits use video.

Video "The Social Media Revolution"

I came across this video the other day while researching my previous article “The Rise of Social Media Donations”. I couldn’t figure out how to integrate it into the article but I think it’s worth sharing.

5 Free Awesome Social Media Monitoring Tools for Not-for-Profit Organizations

The growth of social media has revolutionized how not-for-profit can communicate with the public. Not only that, social media platforms have changed the way organizations, communities and people community with one another through its accessibility and rapid interactivity. It is not only ingrained in our personal lives, but also effects how not-for-profit organizations can communicate. Here are some tools to help you manage you’re not for profit social media.

The Rise of Social Media Donations

73% of internet users with an income of $75,000+ are on Facebook. Here are 6 Not-for-Profit social media ideas to increase engagement...

Humor proves an Effective Way for Not-for-Profits to Engage Audiences in Social Media

Humor proves an Effective Way for Not-for-Profits to Engage Audiences in Social Media Humor is an effective way of sharing your message, have you...

Not-For-Profit Canada Summer Jobs 2013 (Only one week left)

The Canadian government has created a program that can help your organization bring in younger employees to help for the summer called the “Canada Summer Jobs 2013”. It was created to provide youth aged 15 to 30 years who full-time students are intending to return to their studies in the next school year with job opportunities. However, the Canada Summer Jobs also supports organizations that provide important community services. The application deadline is on February 28, 2013.

The Best Windows 8 Intro Video

We've seen lots of Windows 8 videos, infact we've posted a few, but this is hands-down the best one we've seen so far. Good pace, and simple for everyone to understand. If you're new to Windows 8 or considering trying it, we definately recommend this video.

Not-for-Profit Sector Trends to Watch in 2013

Not-for-Profit Sector Trends to Watch in 2013   "There is nothing permanent except change." Heraclitus     With so many changes happening...

Is your organization ready for Windows 8?

With Windows 8 due out in a couple of days (Oct 26th), and a slew of new hardware designed for Windows 8 being launched, is your organization ready for Windows 8?

Microsoft Announces the End of Small Business Server

Microsoft has officially announced that the Small Business server product family is end-of-life.

From Phones to Facebook: How to Engage Youth on the Front Lines of Social Media

Whether you are a front line youth worker, a parent, or a social media marketer, the question remains the same: "How do you communicate so that teenagers will listen?"

What the New iPad Means for Construction

With the new IPad (iPad 3) just hitting the streets, you’re probably wondering what’s new and what will it mean to businesses like yours. Learn about the new iPad is packed with technology improvements that will be ideal in the field. And hear how Miron Construction in Neenah, Wisc. is using iPads.

Save Yourself Time & Money: Use Free Tools to View Potential Job Sites Remotely

Driving to a job site is time consuming and with the cost of gas today can be expensive as well. If you don’t need to physically be inside a building, or looking at a service, you can probably save yourself the visit with a phone call and some free software tools.

What you need to know about the new iPad (iPad 3)

Today Apple Unveiled the “New iPad” (some call it the iPad 3), the third generation of Apples category defining mobile device. Learn about the new iPad's most notable features.

SmartPhones Could Cost your Business a Fortune

With SmartPhone adoption growing rapidly, the migration from BlackBerrys to Apple/Android/Windows, and massive shift to multimedia; SmartPhones could cost your business a fortune if you’re not careful. Learn why, and how you can prevent it.

The Construction SmartPhone Craze

Construction companies are swarming to SmartPhones. Learn how your peers are using them.

Construction and Cloud Computing

The Cloud is having a major impact on all industries, construction is no different. Learn what the Cloud is and how it will impact your firm.

Get your FREE Pass to BUILDEX Vancouver 2012

Are you in the construction industry and looking for a free pass to the BUILDEX Vancouver 2012 show? Click here to request a free pass.

New Report from TD Canada Trust predicts 20% drop in Residential Construction over the next two years.

TD Canada Trust’s TD Economics group has just released a special report titled “REGIONAL HOUSING MARKETS: A YEAR IN REVIEW AND A LOOK AHEAD”. Their report which takes a look at the current state of the regional housing market in Vancouver is predicting a decline in new residential construction of 11% in 2012 and 9% in 2013.

Changes afoot in the BIM Marketplace

Source: Constructech
Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif. acquires StruCad and StruEngineer from AceCad Software. These software products will extend Tekla's BIM solution.

How Not-for-Profits can get $10000 per month in free Google Adwords

Google Grants, a division of Google is offering grants of up to $10,000 per month in free Google Adwords advertising to not-for-profit organizations who share their philanthropic philosophy.

Free Relationship and Donation Management System for Not-for-Profits, the pioneering cloud-based CRM company is now offering Not-for-Profit organizations 10 free full user accounts to their CRM system. The system has a number of free and paid not-for-profit addons which can be used to tailor the solution to fit most organizations needs, and replace the need for some expensive applications such as RaisersEdge.

CompTIA study finds that Managed IT Services Users Benefitting from Real Cost Savings

CompTIA has conducted a study of Trends in Managed Services which has revealed that among current users of managed services, have slashed their IT costs by up to 43% annually.

!!! Security Alert !!! - Adobe Software Upgrade Notification Email - malware attached!

This is a warning regarding illegitimate email being spammed out that is claiming to be from Adobe and contains an attachment that is malicious and could potentially infect your computer with a virus

If you have Microsoft Office 2010, you have OneNote. Time to start using it.

Once you start using OneNote to create digital notebooks of your notes and ideas, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Rugged Tablets in Demand in Construction

Consumer tablet devices have garnered a lot of the attention in the construction industry as of late, but rugged, business tablets still have a place in the industry as a durable way to collect and manage data at the jobsite. Many construction firms are using these rugged devices to manage processes in the field.

Residential Homebuilder uses BIM Technology to Streamline Processes

Residential homebuilder Logan Homes of Leland, N.C., who plans to have 150 home starts this year, is leveraging Building Information Modeling (BIM) to help them close more sales, reduce build and administrative complexity, keep costs down and ensure profitability.

Extreme Flooding in Thailand Has Caused a World-wide Shortage of Hard Drives

The extreme flooding in Thailand in October has caused a world-wide shortage of hard drives. Thailand is the world largest manufacturer of hard drives and is responsible for approximately half of the world’s supply. The current estimate is that supply will be short of demand by 40-50%, limiting the availability of computers and driving the cost of hard drives and the systems they’re installed in up.

Surrey Becomes First Canadian Municipality to Introduce Mobile Inspection Technology

“The City of Surrey is the first municipality in Canada to introduce this type of inspection technology,” says Mayor Dianne Watts. “The application allows us to improve communication and streamline our procedures. The end result is that we improve customer service and prevent trades people from wasting time by having to wait around on work sites.”

What is included with in each Adobe CS 5.5 Suite?

Many of our clients are looking for a quick comparison of what is included with each of the Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5 suites. We’ve put together this page as a quick point of reference.

What is BIM, and how does it affect your construction firm?

BIM is a relatively new technology in an industry typically slow to adopt change. Yet despite slow adoption, the early adopters who have begun to leverage BIM are already reaping major benefits.

New Internet connections from Shaw (over 33x faster than standard ADSL)

Shaw Business has just launched new ultra-fast, low cost cable internet connections up to 100Mbps for rates on par with typical ADSL connections. And as usual with Shaw, there are no contracts.

Green Technology Tips

We've put together a list of 11 free and easy things that you can do today to help the environment, and save yourself money.

BC Electronics Recycling

BC’s Return-It Electronics is a province-wide, end-of-life electronics recycling program available to all consumers and businesses in British Columbia. As of August 1st, 2007, you can drop off any of the regulated products at designated collection sites without charge, and be assured they will be recycled responsibly.

Finally a tablet designed to take a beating

Panasonic just announced that it wil be releasing the new Panasonic Toughbook tablet / slate this fall.The new tablet will have a sunlight friendly 10.1" screen, built-in GPS, 8+ hours of operating battery life and optional 3G/4G internet connectivity. The new tablet is designed to be water proof as well as drop and impact resistant.